Conservation Commission

The Town of Bristol’s Conservation Commission work to conserve Bristol’s natural and cultural heritage for present and future generations; raise public awareness for these resources;  and provide opportunities for greater involvement by the community.  The following are the members of the Conservation Commission:

  • Randy Durand (Term expires March 2019)
  • Peter Diminico (Term expires March 2020)
  • David Henderson (Term expires March 2020)
  • Katie Reilley (Term expires March 2020)
  • Kristen Underwood (Term expires March 2020)
  • Richard Butz (Term expires March 2021)
  • Carolyn Dash (Term expires March 2021)
  • Jim Stapleton (Term expires March 2021)
  • Ken Johnson, Chair (Term expires March 2022)

The Conservation Commission also has their own website.  To get to that website click here.

Past Agendas and Minutes.