● Hydrant Flushing Update (Oct. 9, 2018)

October 9, 2018

 Bristol’s water system operator (Vermont Utility Management Services) will resume hydrant flushing on the east side of North Street this Thursday and Friday starting in the Mountain Terrace and Mountain View neighborhoods. Flushing in the East Street neighborhood has been completed. Flushing in the area of Main Street will be scheduled in the evening to minimize interference during business hours. Updates will be posted here, on FPF, and on Bristol’s Web site information becomes available.
To review more information about the flushing and what you may want to do to prepare, scroll down or revisit the August 17, 2018 FPF post at https://frontporchforum.com/areas/149/issues/2953. In a nutshell:
• Fill some bottles, buckets, or other vessels of water prior to the operation to have on hand.
• Avoid using the dishwasher or washing machine.
• Wait until the operation is completed to turn on the faucets (hot or cold).
• If you are driving in the work zone where hydrants are being flushed, please drive carefully.
After the flushing operation is completed water customers should:
• Open the cold water faucets and let the water flow until it is clear. Turn off the faucets.
• Open the hot water faucets and let the water flow until it is clear. Turn off the faucets.
• When both hot and cold water are clear, the water is ready for use as normal.
• Check the faucet screens for trapped particles.
• Wash a load or two of dark-colored clothes first.
Questions or concerns? Contact the Town Office at 453-2410 or townadmin@bristolvt.org.