Absentee Ballots Available

February 27, 2018

REQUEST EARLY or ABSENTEE BALLOTS: You or a family member can request early or absentee ballots at any time during the year of the election in person, in writing, by telephone, email, or online at mvp.sec.state.vt.us. The latest you can request ballots for the Town Meeting Election is the close of the Town Clerk’s office on Monday, March 5, 2018. (Any other person authorized by you who is not a family member must apply in writing or in person for a ballot for you.)

• You may vote in the town clerk’s office before the deadline.
• Voter may take his or her ballot(s} out of the clerk’s office and return in same manner as if the ballots were received by mail.
• Have ballot mailed to you, and mail or deliver it back to the clerk’s office before Election Day or to the polling place before 7:00 p.m. on Election Day.
• If you are sick or disabled before Election Day, ask the town clerk to have two justices of the peace bring a ballot to you at your home. (Ballots can be delivered on any of the eight days preceding the day of the election or on the day of election.)

For more information, contact Town Clerk Jen Myers at (802) 453-2410 ext. 23 or clerk@bristolvt.org.

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